Jason X (2001)

Jason X

Written by Todd Farmer and directed by Jim Isaac, Jason X is the tenth entry into the Friday the 13th franchise, which started with the fun, well-made 1980 original. In this entry, Jason is going to be cryogenically frozen, but a scientist played by one of horror’s ultimate directors, David Cronenberg, wants to transport Jason to study his ability to heal himself and regenerate tissue. Of course, everything goes awry. Although Jason is ultimately frozen, it’s not before he takes out everyone except one person, who is also frozen before she dies.

Fast forward 400 years, and a team discovers the lab and takes the woman, as well as Jason, back on board the ship. Jason is eventually thawed, goes on a killing spree, gets his ass kicked by a sexy robotic woman, gets healed and turned into Cyber-Jason, kills some more, and may or may not perish in the end.

Jason’s space adventure was both a departure for the film series and more of the same. You can only do so much with the story. This is not as much of a departure with the story as Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday. This departure is more akin to Jason Takes Manhattan. The basic premise is the same, but the location has been changed.

Some of the acting is a little weak, while others give some nicely-done performances. The effects, I thought, stood the test of time, as we are currently 17 years past the release. They had some nice action-adventure with the combat team trying to take down Jason, while also having a well-played scene, which takes Jason back to his 1980’s Crystal Lake days. I don’t think he knew it at the time, but this would end being Kane Hodder’s swan song behind the hockey mask. I’d highly suggest reading Unmasked, which is a great autobiography and behind-the-scenes of one of the world’s greatest stuntmen and horror icons.

Score | 6.5 / 10

Yes, I know the premise is a little more outlandish to get Jason into space and into the future, but the film is still lots of fun. Everyone seems to be having fun with it. The acting is a little better than what you’d typically find in a Friday the 13th film. The special effects work well and do not appear dated to me. And, I don’t see how Sgt. Brodski won’t make you smile and applaud. He is a badass and a pleasure to watch up on the screen.


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